New Album Review

New Music Monday — July 29, 2013

Happy Music Monday!
Check out our new music suggestions and tune in to 88.1 this week to hear the best in daytime rock!

Matias Aguayo “The Visitor”

Very strange and yet compelling house electro that takes on tropical and latin influences. Some songs are a lil too repetitive and annoying but nevertheless the album’s pretty decent.–g

About Group “Between the Walls”

Soulful melancholia and just weeeird weird electronic blues-inspired songs all made by Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip. Definitely sounds NOTHING like Hot Chip (except the vocals), so don’t expect that.

Smith Westerns “Soft Will”

This is a total pop jammer that you can’t resist. Very summery and Girls-sounding. A much more mature album from a band that everyone thought would quickly burn out. Still got the 1970s glam rock on lock though.

The Multiple Cat “The Return of the Multiple Cat”

If you can think of the MOST Indie music sound that exists out there, it would be from this guy. Very cutesy indie pop from a dude who started Daytrotter. RIYL Belle and Sebastian and all those sweet voiced bands of the older( truer) indie day.s

Beach Day “Trip Trap Attack”

This band is basically a copy of the Shangri-Las (but not as good) but obviously in a more garage-pop setting. Its pretty good if you like going to beach.

Pacific UV “After the Dream You Are Awake”

Dreamy pop that is pretty generic but is very listenable and accessible.

Eleanor Friedberger “Personal Record”

An album chock full of lighthearted indie-pop. It is jam packed with clever wordplay and fleeting emotions.

Future Bible Heroes “Partygoing”

Think electronica-meets-disco. Songs include dance floor anthems and super-sad ballads.

OS Mutantes “Fool Metal Jack”

Their last album was a badass, Brazilian psychedelic mind-fuck. This one isn’t nearly as good but the best tracks are both gorgeous and cheerfully feisty.