Concert Review

Show Review: Twin Shadow w/ Elliphant

On a muggy evening in June, there really is no escape like being swept into the swampy and synthy sounds of a band like Twin Shadow. A laid-back crowd filed in out of the heat, but numbers were still small for what I consider to be a well-known band.

Opener Elliphant (featuring an M.I.A-esque singer and her dj) worked hard to get the crowd out of their sun-addled stupor, and by all consideration succeeded in impressing them. However, it was obvious that this group of spectators had one agenda, and after a nice long break between sets, lead singer George Lewis Jr., drummer, bassist, and synth emerge to a enthusiastic round of whoops and applause.

Immersed in a black and white kaleidoscope light-show, the band set straight to work. Starting with a couple lesser-known tracks, the group quickly got to their hit “5 Seconds,” after which it was apparent that the crowd was less than energetic, which in my opinion can kill the mood of any show. I will say, however, that I’ve never seen a band work so hard, each person was obviously giving it their all and that made all the difference. They took a cold room and worked it, which is the key. Slowly the bodies started moving and those die-hard fans panned their good vibes throughout the room, and a mass of bobbing heads and waving arms formed. We were in a good place, now. I left the concert quite satisfied with what I had heard and seen, and ready to wake up the next day and revisit the moment with a review of the album, as I’m sure many others did, as well.

All in all it was a great start to my personal summer concert series. Can’t ask for more than that.