We Need Your Help!

Soundtap Madness

In 6 hours, we will advance into the Final Four of Soundtap’s Madness College Radio Showdown. We need your help to advance to the finals! Basically, Soundtap created a competition modeled after College Basketball’s NCAA Tournament. They chose 64 college radio stations to go head to head. We have made it through to the Elite Eight and it looks like we will be moving into the Final Four. You advance to the next round by having more hours of people streaming your station through their website. Rutgers University and Carnegie Mellon University have been battling it out hard and we will face the winner starting at 3 am. We need your help to beat them to move on for the chance to win it all. Here is what you need to do:

1. Go to They also have a free iPhone app that you can find by searching Soundtap.
2. Click on WKNC and hit Listen Live!
3. YOU HAVE TO LOG IN IN ORDER FOR IT TO COUNT. You can log in with either your Facebook or email address.
4. LISTEN ENDLESSLY! Remember to check the page about every hour or so. While the stream will not stop playing, it will stop counting towards our total time. A message will pop up and ask: “ARE YOU STILL LISTENING?” Once you click “YES I AM!!!!” it will start counting the time you have spent streaming again.

Thank you so much for helping us out with this competition and don’t forget to vote for us in Indy’s Best of 2013!