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EOT117 SBP Campaign Violations 3/26/13

Take any political election, and you’re likely to find some amount of violations of code or conduct, and our school election is no different. Deondre’ Jones has more.

Gene Zhirnov recently had the chance to speak with one of the students currently running for president of the student body. Matthew Williams dropped by to speak with gene about the election and what he would do if elected student body president.

Now, we were curious about how you, the Wolfpack, felt about all this campaigning on campus recently. Do you love it? Glad it’s over? How interested are you? We went to find out.

The Hellzapoppin’ circus will be making a stop tomorrow night at the Pour House in downtown Raleigh. Andrew recently had the opportunity to speak with Brice “The Guvnuh” Graves about just what the hell the Hellzapoppin’ circus is.

Last year UNC physics professor Paul Frampton was sentenced to four years of house arrest for attempting to smuggle drugs through Argentina. Here’s Deondre’ with more.

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