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EOT111 Best of 2012 12/11/12

This show took some time to showcase our best segments of the 2012 calendar year!

Grant Buckner spent his spring break in Chicago, working with residents in some of Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods. Here is his report from the March 19th episode.

Liberty in North Korea is an advocacy group that travels the country on behalf of the oppressed people of North Korea. Here is Deondre’s story from March 27th.

The North Carolina State Rocketry team competed in a National competition to get a rocket one mile into the air. Some listeners might remember Nick Savage. Here is the conversation he had with the team from the April 10th episode.

In that period just after the peak of Summer, right before the hush of Fall creeps over campus, you can always count on the farmer’s market opening up for the first time. The first time you see it open, you know the school year has begun. Here’s Gene Zhirnov from August 28th.

Last August, the world lost a great pioneer in Neil Armstrong. Here from the August 28th episode, is Andrew Eichen’s reflection.

Last August, N.C. State tried to break a North Carolina record by donating one thousand, two hundred, and fifty pints of blood in honor of North Carolina state’s one hundred and twenty fifth anniversary. Although the university ultimately fell short of its goal, Jake decided to record the experience of giving blood for the first time.

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