Concert Preview

Tonight: Blow Me, Sandy at The Pour House

For everyone still drinking in the Thanksgiving spirit, there’s an event tonight you may be interested in. While we appreciate what we have, we should also be mindful of what we can do to help others. Tonight The Pour House combines our love for music with altruism and is hosting a benefit concert and silent auction for Hurricane Sandy victims, called “Blow Me, Sandy.”

The Pour House hosts several benefits throughout the year. Jac Cain was key in organizing this event.

“ I mean a lot of people got nothing. I was lucky enough that Jeff from Hank Sinatra was already trying to do the same thing. He gets credit for the lineup,” Cain shared.

The silent auction will have items including recording sessions, gift baskets and more.

“I’m excited about the silent auction,” Cain said. “Tres Chicas are donating a house concert. Eric Ambel is donating a day of recording at his studio in NYC. The Pour House is donating a hotel room two tickets and dinner for New Years. Lots of people are contributing.”

If you aren’t able to make it out today but would like to help out, you can donate or volunteer with The American Red Cross.