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EOT102 Engineers Without Borders 9/18/12

Many might not have heard about this next story in the pop news minute, but a large British bank is currently under investigation for banking with iran through their New York offices. It is, of course, illegal to do business with the state of Iran. It’s a juicy scandal for the ages. Will has more.

Deondre’ spoke with members of the Creative Food Drive, an organization here in North Carolina that tries to provide food to the needy through some rather… unconventional means.

Last week, Deondre’ got into a discussion with some of our eot contributors about whether or not women wearing leggings as pants are ok. Deondre’ said nay, Jasmine and Gene said yay. We became curious as to what the wolfpack thinks, so we decided to find out. And, well… the answers might surprise you.

Engineers Without Borders is a group striving to do good in the world, and can kind of be considered an engineer’s answer to the organization doctors without borders. This week, Gene spoke with members of Engineers Without Borders to find out a little more of what they’re all about.

If you are a fan of bad movies, then perhaps you might have heard of this movie. Jake now has some thoughts on the two thousand three “blockbuster” The Room.

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