Special Recognition Local Lunch, May 18

It is with a heavy heart that I relinquish my title as general manager of  WKNC on May 20. My tenure as general manager would not have been made possible without the advice, positive reinforcement, and generosity of my fellow staff members, advisors, and the community at large.  I am certain that DJ Ones, the next general manager at WKNC, will continue to make WKNC the best radio station in the world.

I want to take the last local lunch shift of my time here at WKNC to thank all of the amazing local bands who have helped me and WKNC out throughout this past year.

These are the bands that played shows like Double Barrel Benefit and related Day Party, Fridays on the Lawn, small concerts that may or may not have been successful, and the birthday party. These amazing members of our community donated their time and their talent to WKNC and deserve to be recognized.

This local music scene and related community has made my job worthwhile. There will be airbreaks full of reminiscing, shout outs, and gratitude.

Tune in for the grateful local lunch, Friday May 18 starting early at 11:30 a.m. and going until 1 p.m.