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EOT89 College Republicans and Democrats 4/10/12

College Republicans and College Democrats – With the North Carolina Primary quickly approaching, we invited representatives from the major political groups on campus to give input regarding the current political atmosphere, both locally and nationally.

Occupy Raleigh – Nine Occupy protestors were arrested this week in Raleigh after trespassing on a foreclosed home. Andrew has the scoop.

Nature Research Center – If you’ve been downtown lately, you’ve probably noticed a giant globe under construction.  Yes, the Daily Planet has come to Raleigh, as part of the Natural Science Museum’s brand new Nature Research Center, which is set to open on April 20th.  Deondre’ Jones recently sat down with the director of science communications for the new center.

Beer Brewing – Brewing is fast becoming one of the most popular interests among young entrepreneurs.  So popular, in fact, that NC State recently began offering courses in the brewing sciences.  Mark speaks to a student in the program.

NCSU Rocketry – Each year, NASA hosts a University Student Launch Initiative.  Nick recently spoke with the NC State team to discuss their plan’s for this year’s competition.

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