Concert Review

And More Black Metal for Raleigh

This has been a great week for Raleigh: a show Monday, Dec. 5, and then a show Saturday, Dec. 10. AND they worked out perfectly with exams! Following the Inquisition show on Monday, Herpderp Booking presented Old Painless, No Tomorrow and Mutilation Rites on Saturday.

Old Painless threw a little different vibe into the mix Saturday and played some convergent tunes. I didn’t have a chance to take any pictures as my camera was acting up. I’m glad I was out of the room when a drumstick went flying.

Next up was No Tomorrow. I have seen these guys a few times now, and they were so on point for this show. It was awesome. Crusty, destructive and heavy: these dudes from Wilmington ruled.

Again, last but not least was Mutilation Rites. Heavy hitting black metal from the bowels of New York City, these dudes were truly Satan’s sirens. It was a set everyone in and around the house enjoyed.

I hope this is a trend that continues. Two killer black metal groups in one week, excellent!


P.S.  Merry Whateveryoucelebrate, spread the love and come out to a show!! Here are some compiled by Vile Discourse!