Concert Review

Local Favorites Play the Cradle

Sunday, November 27 Lonnie Walker, Ed Scrader’s Music Beat and Future Islands took the stage at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro. According to Sam Herring, it was the best-selling show yet of their US tour – and it was date #30.

Local band Lonnie Walker opened. The set started a little early and was shorter than the fans wanted. What can we say – we love Lonnie. After closing out with their most popular songs, Ed Scharder’s Music Beat took the stage. The two-piece is from Baltimore, where Future Islands now reside. The songs were short but powerful, up-in-your-face without scaring you away.

Jenna writes:

If you think you don’t like Future Islands, go to one of their shows and you’ll think again. Watching this band live is an unforgettable visceral experience that will leave you tired, sweaty and wishing for more. You will be entranced by frontman Sam Herring’s theatrical stage presence and how every word he sings is so infused with genuine energy, passion and (usually) heartache. Sam is charming, entertaining and rigorously emotional all at once and his performance is one from which you will not be able to look away – you will see him crouch to the ground, jump, dance and beat his fists against his chest all while singing in his gruff and deeply yearning vocals. In between songs, Sam steps out of this character and engages the crowd instead with lighthearted anecdotes that starkly contrast the intensely emotional songs. The way the band interacts with the audience is humble despite all this, letting you know they’re excited and grateful to be there, too.

Over the past few years every Future Islands show I’ve attended has seemed more packed than the one before it, and Sunday night’s performance at Cat’s Cradle was no exception. This is a band that consistently puts on a stellar live show and that has helped them continue to build a loyal following in the Triangle, and hopefully beyond. While their records are absolutely worth thousands of listens, if you have never seen Future Islands before I guarantee that after you do, you will appreciate this band in a way that you cannot even imagine now.

Last Sunday, Future Islands along with Lonnie Walker and Ed Schrader’s Music Beat captivated the audience at Cat’s Cradle with their diverse and energetic performances. These are three unique live acts that are definitely worth keeping an eye out for, whether you missed the show on Sunday night or because you can’t wait to see them again.