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The Tender Fruit Receives NC Arts Council Grant

Christy Smith, the brilliant songstress behind The Tender Fruit, was recently awarded the NC Arts Council Fellowship for 2011-2012.  Smith has been making quite the name for herself over the past few years, between stirring up waves with her much heralded 2010 release Flotsam & Krill and playing out at festivals like Hopscotch, Shakori Hills, and Troika, her talent has permeated throughout the Triangle with many individuals picking up on the rustic brilliance of The Tender Fruit, including the folks at the NC Arts Council.

Each year the NC Arts Council awards $10,000 in grants to North Carolina artists like Christy as a way of giving back and showing appreciation to these artists.  Much of North Carolina’s deep culture can be found in bunches throughout the local scenes that are scattered among the state and Christy Smith certainly stands out among the crowd.

The Tender Fruit will be using their grant to help fund work on their new album, purchase new gear, and fund various other projects in the near future.  It’s always great seeing artists get the appreciation and respect that they deserve, and we here at WKNC extend our congratulations to Christy for this excellent achievement!