Concert Review

Minus the Bear’s sold-out show at Lincoln Theatre, 10/25/11

I know why Minus the Bear is celebrating their Tenth Anniversary Tour: because they are amazing performers. Their show at Lincoln Theatre on Friday, Oct. 25, was incredible.

I arrived to the sold-out show with a few friends right before Minus the Bear started. Thanks to some skill we scurried our way to the front and waited in anticipation. Minus the Bear came out and started with a bang. In celebration of their tenth anniversary they played the entire Highly Refined Pirates album and a few new songs. Even though I was not familiar with this album, they did not disappoint. They had amazing stage presence and were all in sync with each other in a way that seemed effortless. In combination with their epic lights, I got that show “high” people talk about.

I was happy to be near the guitarist because his performance was just as admired as the lead singer. You can distinguish a Minus the Bear song by its signature guitar sound and the guitarist, Dave Knudson, was brilliant. But like I said, the entire band was brilliant. It’s safe to say that I am never missing a Minus the Bear show, if they come around again.