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EOT68 Pullen Park 9/20/11

Pullen Park- Nick speaks with a Raleigh Parks and Recreation planner to get the specifics on what to expect when the Pullen Park amusement area reopens later this fall.

Fiesta del Pueblo- Mark visits the State Fairgrounds to see what Fiesta del Pueblo, a local hispanic and latino cultural festival, is all about.

Teen Center- Nate takes a look at the Teen Center to see what they do and how local teens benefit from its actions.

News (not)- Guy McGimp, a not-so-knowledgeable news man, gives his versions of world events, whether it’s right or not.

Shack-A-Thon- Chris gives us the complete low-down on Shack-A-Thon, an annual campus event on the Brickyard that garners a lot of attention from the student body.

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