Chainsaw Rock Presents: The DeathPod

What happens when you mix the wide-ranging audience of podcast with the insanely powerful, heavy, and brutal forces of Metal? Well, the Mistress of Destruction and I have our own ideas about the chaos and anarchy that could ensue! Just remember, it is up to those who subject themselves to the ridiculously awesome DeathPod to misbehave themselves. At least, that is what our undead legal department in tattered suits advised us to disclaim.

Originally, the Mistress of Destruction came forward with the idea to promote a Chainsaw podcast that contained many regional bands that were either unsigned or belonged to smaller labels. The goal of the DeathPod is to bring forth metal music that absolutely destroys the local scenes, in addition to allowing listeners to headbang on the job, in the middle of class, or while rocking children to sleep.

With that goal in mind the Mistress and I set off, and after many grueling, gory, and archaic nights our first DeathPod was weaponized and ready to be unleashed upon the masses.

We proudly present:
from Raleigh, N.C.
Coils Of The Serpent from Boone, N.C.
Escher from Raleigh/Durham, N.C.
Akris from the Washington D.C. area.
Lions Of Tsavo from Austin, Texas.
Bridesmaid from Columbus, Ohio.

So why wait? Go ahead and listen to the DeathPod.

If you are a fan of a band or are a member of a band that wants to get involved, then please post on the Facebook page or get in contact with the Cannibal at

DeathPod episode 1

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