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EOT65 Harrelson Hall 8/30/11

Earthquake- This week, we discussed the earthquake that rattled the area last Tuesday.  In addition to capturing student reactions, we spoke to Dr. Karl Wegmann about the specific geological details surrounding the event and what we should be concerned about.

Ramadan-  As Ramadan drew to a close, we took a look at a day in the life of a fasting Muslim during Ramadan and learned about what Ramadan means to Muslims.

Brick by Brick- In the premiere of a brand new segment, we spoke to John Morris about the history and unique architecture surrounding our own Harrelson Hall.  Each week, we will take a look at a different building on campus and give you the opportunity to get to know NC State, brick by brick.

Sports-  Cory Smith offers his opinion on our football team’s standing and schedule this year.  For more on sports, Cory hosts a sports show, Pulse of the Pack, on Wednesday nights from 7-8.

This Week In History- Dave and Nick are back with This Week In History, where they offer us all sorts of interesting events and birthdays that took place this week in history.

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