Festival Coverage

Hopscotch Announces 2011 Ed McKay Artists and Author Series

This year’s Hopscotch Music Festival is set up to be another amazing event coming to the area. The icing on top of the cake comes with all of the accompanying day parties and various other events held that highlight talent in music. One of these is the Ed McKay Artist and Author Series. Similar to last year’s event, this year’s event will bring several members of some of the larger acts including The Flaming Lip’s Wayne Coyne and Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers.

The Series is three days long and corresponds with the afternoons before the main activities of the night take place. Each event takes place at the Raleigh City Museum from 3-5 p.m.  The first of these programs is titled Present the Past: Honoring and Outstripping Influences City Museum. The second is titled Simple Words: The Power of Narrative Songs. The final of the three is The Bubble: The Limits of Pop Music.

For more information about who will be participating in these events read up on the event at