New Album Review

Cannibal’s Corner V: Do You Like Anaal (Nathrakh)?

Anaal Nathrakh - Passion

I sure as hell do! Anaal Nathrakh has released another ear-shattering gut-pulverizing mind-munching limb-decapitating lung-popping skull-smashing brain-bursting intestinal-disemboweling album, Passion.

This album is to family friendliness as loaded guns are to baby pacifiers. Unless you’re the Manson family. The guitars are raw and brutal, but never approach blandness as they’re broken up with slight melodies, industrial undertones, guitar solos, and even growling solos! Their songs encompass a certain stand-alone uniqueness missing amongst the more grind core-oriented bands. This does mean that there are clean vocals, which at first put me off like an undefiled grave. However, upon listening to the entire album, it’s clear that they’re a great juxtaposition against the pure, raw, and grotesque microphone-swallowing exercises these guys do. And it doesn’t take away from the horn-rising head-banging factor at all.

In totality, this is one ear-splitting album with many differing embellishments that are sparsely used to recreate the old “put this album on repeat” syndrome, thought to have been eradicated by its bastard cousin “put this song on repeat” syndrome that big music industries have let flourish.

If anyone looks at you funny for listening to this album, such as family, friends, or significant others, just be sure to tell them that there is nothing wrong with liking Anaal.