Weekly Charts

6/7 Chainsaw Metal Weekly Top Ten Albums

Here are the chainsaw top ten this week, as compiled by Chainsaw Music Director, Cory Slep.



Rank Artist Recording Label
1 ANVIL Juggernaut Of Justice The End
2 SEPTICFLESH The Great Mass Season Of Mist
3 HAEMORRHAGE Hospital Carnage Relapse
4 AUTOPSY Macabre Eternal Peaceville
5 AMON AMARTH Surtur Rising Metal Blade
6 TYR The Lay Of Thrym Napalm
7 ANAAL NATHRAKH Passion Candlelight
8 ABYSMAL DAWN Leveling The Plane Of Existence Relapse
9 HATE ETERNAL Phoenix Amongst The Ashes Metal Blade
10 BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE Celestial Completion Solid State