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Local Beer International Band Night

If you learned in elementary school English that two negatives make a positive, then you already know to expect a good show from Raleigh’s Double Negative when they perform Thursday, May 19 as part of WKNC and Tir Na nOg’s Local Beer Local Band series.

“It’s the hardest-core hardcore band currently whipping punk kids half as old as the band’s members into foot- and fist-flailing mosh froths,” writes Bryan Reed from Independent Weekly.

We then open our house to Århus for music by FOSSILS and Cola Freaks. Described as “Denmark’s answer to the Fucking Champs,” FOSSILS is a drum and bass rock duo with punk and metal influences.

Members of Cola Freaks backed Jay Reatard as part of his last live line up. The band’s songs “will pogo around your brainpan for weeks after you hear them,” promises the Chicago Reader.

The music starts after 10 p.m. FREE, 21+.