Concert Review

Lost in the Trees, Lost in the Music

Friday, May 13th the crowd at Cat’s Cradle was anything but unlucky. The set was extended, putting in a second opener to Lost in the Trees. Due to the growling in my tummy I missed the first opener, The Towers. Instead, I ran over to Carrburrito for a bangin’ fish taco (and not the Urban Dictionary definition, so please don’t go there!) . Mmmmm. Oh, right, the show.

Upon my return, completely stuffed, the second opening band, The Toddlers, came on. This unsigned Chapel Hill band played loud rock music that was carried by the lead singer’s deep voice. I couldn’t quite put my finger on the depth of his voice; somewhere in-between Matt Berninger, of the National and Charlotte-based artist Benji Hughes.

By the time The Toddlers were halfway through their set, Cat’s Cradle was packed. Questions of “is this Lost in the Trees?,” were being answered with shouts and whispers from “This is the second band… I don’t think so” and “How could you think that?”, to “Hell yeah!”. Needless to say, there were some very new fans in the audience, and they were about to be blown away.

After two 45-minute opening sets, the long awaited Lost in the Trees made it to the stage. Ari Picker floated across the stage as he plucked at his guitar, while Emma Nadeu did her usual amazing thing playing about eleventy-billion instruments. Having seen Lost in the Trees about 5 times now, I can say that this show had a different feeling than others. It was more focused and less ethereal. The back-up instrumentals became harder, while Ari himself became more billowy. It was a difficult scenario to describe, but I have a feeling that their new record will have many of these elements. They played a few songs that will be on that new record; they display the same musical genius as in the other albums but the energy seems stronger. They played some Lost in the Trees staples like “Song for the Painter” and “Walk Around the Lake”, to which everyone sung along, even the people who in the beginning weren’t sure if they were The Toddlers.

Lost in the Trees is up to great things, and always worth seeing!