Concert Review

Yelle brings French charm to the Cradle

French trio Yelle visited Carrboro’s Cat’s Cradle on Tuesday, April 26. Unfortunately, I missed the synth-pop goodness of Brooklyn-via-Milwaukee duo (and brothers) French Horn Rebellion, making it into the Cradle just in time for the beginning of Yelle’s set.

Playing for just over an hour, the group put on what can aptly be described as a non-stop, sweaty, ecstatic dance party. Singer Yelle fronted the group with charisma and charm that reminded me a lot of Robyn (not to mention the musical similarities between the two), winning the crowd over from the get-go with her friendly personality, mile-wide smile, and playful dance moves. Drummer GrandMarnier and keyboard player Tepr backed her with the buoyant electro-pop sounds found on the group’s two records, Pop Up and the recently released Safari Disco Club. The crowd seemed to reflect that energy right back at the stage. Every body in the Cradle was moving and sweating. Hands were raised throughout the entire show and glowsticks flew back and forth across the room.

While I’m not very familiar with the group’s song titles, I did recognize “Ce Jeu” early in the set, and the group played most, if not all, of Safari Disco Club. They brought along a simple, but effective, light show that reflected the rich colors found in the music. It was the most fun I’ve had at a show in a good while and helped serve to cure up some blues after a rough week. If you ever get the chance to see Yelle, don’t think; just go, dance, and have a great time.