Concert Review

Dr. Dog at the Cradle


The Philadelphia-based psychedelic, indie rock group Dr. Dog performed a stellar show Saturday, April 9, 2011 at the Cat’s Cradle. They performed a most appropriate set of songs exploring their three latest albums: We All Belong, Fate, and Shame, Shame.  The crowd was primed with the lovely set from the North Carolina group Floating Action.  They set the stage to what ended up being the best Dr. Dog show I have seen; being that it was the fourth time I have seen the incredible band. To highlight: the band entered the stage right…the crowd went wild…instruments were plugged in… sounds exploded out of those amplifiers and my mind, as well as the several hundred minds around me were filled with the sounds of AWESOME!  Toby, the bass player, said that the Cat’s Cradle is a special venue because it was one of the first venues the band had played at outside of Philadelphia, PA.

[in terminator voice], “They’ll be back!”

If you are unfamiliar with this band, some would say they sound like a modern Beatles, but I would argue they have an extremely unique sound especially on there first and second albums, Toothbrush: an introduction to Dr. Dog and Easy Beat. Easy Beat is my personal favorite album, but these guys have the Midas touch, and it is exhibited in all their art.

“Be careful of the judge inside| His gavel and his stand collide. |But he’s only guilty of what’s wrong. “  -an excerpt from Easy Beat