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Local Beer Local Band, March 3

WKNC & TNN Present: Troubel, The Charming Youngsters, & Wind & Willow! As always the show is FREE, 21 and up, and starts at 10 p.m.!!  The cheeseburgers are cheap and so are the local brews on tap.  Come get heavy with us!  YAY!

“That’s right, Troubel. I interviewed Adam a couple of weeks back, and if you missed out, here’s a little background information to fill you in. Adam has been creating music for the better part of his life, though is probably most well known for his participation in the group “Carolina Roadkill,” an eclectic assortment of instruments and amazing people that make folk fun. This summer Adam had the chance to develop his own tastes further through his new one man group, named Troubel, out in Boone. Using the mountains as his inspiration, an album was born, which is due to come out December 7. Full of banjo and guitar, happy yet powerful lyrics “The Mountains. The Broken.” is a side that I hadn’t seen in Adam before. Though we discussed the challenges of working alone, it appears that it has allowed him to branch out and create something different and refreshing, something we can all appreciate."  -Will Lampe – 88.1 WKNC DJ

I met Nolan from The Charming Youngsters at the Tipsy Teapot. They had this to say about themselves… "Hey. Remember that movie Bill and Ted, when Bill and Ted travel to the future and they find out their garage band has become, like, the official band of the country and that their music brings, like, peace and happiness to all who live. Yeah… that’s going to be us.” – The Charming Youngsters

“Wind and Willow,” or Mark Tillman and Sarah Peters are getting married this month, a fact that is hard not to see when they’re performing live. While boy/girl duos are nothing new, “Wind and Willow” has a story that’s pretty unique. Divided by two countries, it’s only been within the past few months that Sarah could move to Raleigh. Since then the duo has been able to really develop a mature sound, with each member contributing a vital, but incomplete part without the other. Sarah’s powerful voice can give a song its intensity at times, and it’s sweetness in others. Mark’s impressive assortment of instruments gives each song it’s unique character that Mark exhibits himself, both on and offstage. Both”Wind and Willow” as well as Mark and Sarah, have a lot to look forward to."—  DJ Chaz – WKNC 88.1

I will be interviewing The Charming Youngsters and Wind and Willow on Thursday March 3rd at 7 p.m.!  Be sure to tune in!