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Local Beer Local Band Line-up for Feb. 17

WKNC and Tir Na nOg are happy to bring you a fantastic show this Thursday. We’ve got NAPS, Jenna and the Jintlemen, and Nests to tease our ears to delight. Music starts at 10 p.m.! 21 and up. Local drafts are on the cheap cheap. And grab your $5 dollar cheeseburgers! YUMM.


Is Daniel Michael. Blew my mind with the electronic/drum machine based songs at the DiggUp Tapes Cassingles release party. Not sure if this show will go that route or their more rock noise guitar based version. They’re loud with whispers. This is one of my favorite local bands (actually, all three of the bands playing this week are some of my favorites).

Jenna and the Jintlemen

I fell in love with Jenna at a party. Invited her with me to a place on the water. She played her guitar. Now she is playing shows all over Raleigh—although none of that really had anything to do with me. This Boone babe has handsome gentlemen (or Jintlemen) to join her on stage and emphasize her amazing singing and songwriting. The gorgeous men include a Zack, Adam, and Nick from Annuals, Local cutie/musician Johnny Hobbs, and lastly, her brother Shane from the Windsor Oaks Band.


Anything with a singing saw is awesome to me. Caught these guys at Market Restaurant for some brunch music with Jenna and the Jintlemen. If I remember correctly it was their first show, and impressive it was. Watch out local music scene! “In September of 2010, Jeremy Walton began a project called Nests. Simple and raw, it would be Jeremy’s first foray into songwriting. The end result finds the music residing somewhere between post-country and shoegaze. These sometimes eerie, always intimate songs capture the imagination of the listener with the help of collaborators and friends, Benjamin Eales, Raymond Finn, Nathan Price and Brian Corum.” -Taken from DiggUp Tapes