Concert Review

Monotonix in Review

So Monotonix played at Kings last Thursday. I had no idea what to expect. I’ve heard that it is a good show and that they are “crazy” but man oh man… my buddies did a horrible job preparing me.

I was sad to leave the battles at Tir Na nOg (we had Shards, RBT, Squall and Thieves) but I could hear Kings beckoning me so I finally departed.  Kings was packed. I grabbed a beer and stood in the middle of the floor, a good spot to watch the band play on stage. But they didn’t play on stage. Monotonix clears a space on the ground and begins. I can’t see a thing and move to sit on the bar where I finally get a look at the insanity.

PBR cans (most with PLENTY of beer left in them) are flying everywhere. The band is crowdsurfing, the audience is crowdsurfing. There is beer in my hair and I’m amazed watching Monotonix literally play ON TOP OF the crowd. A few held up one band member and a few people held up his drum to play. (Did I mention that they are hardly wearing clothes?) I get scared as the band moves in my direction.. the bar. I have to scoot over so they can set up right next to me and a roommate. I’m a bit close for comfort but I was not about to give up my sweet spot. The singer grabs a dollar out of the tip jar, puts it somewhere…. unmentionable… and then throws the dollar down. The band seriously played everywhere but on stage.

(picture from when they played at the old Kings… I didn’t have my camera this night… glad I didn’t.  Who knows what Monotonix would do to it if they got a hold of it???)

Thanks Monotonix.  I had a great time.