Concert Review

Megafaun Show RECAP!

Saturday, January 22, the second night of the Megafaun weekend, I was lucky enough to get into the sold out show. I got off work at ten thirty and raced over to Kings. Upon entering I found out that I had missed Cloudlines. Super bummed, I reached for a Duck Rabbit Milk Stout. I made my way through the crowd and took a seat at my favorite viewing spot, behind the sound booth. Brad Cook was the first of Megafaun to walk out on stage. The crowd excitedly greeted the rest of the band as they got ready to play. We were greeted back with “What the f*ck did we do to get all of you here tonight,” …or something like that.

After a couple songs, Megafaun talked of the band Megafun and jokingly played one of their super fun, silly, dancy tracks. The show continued, and I stood singing along to my favorite song of theirs, “Volunteers.” I must say it is too good live. Another beer in the show was wrapping up. The audience was still as enthused as when Megafaun first got on stage (some of these guests still enthused since last night’s show).  The show had ended and we clapped ourselves to death until we got our encore. The song would be acoustic. No microphone either. The ENTIRE audience was silent. It was eerie and amazing to have a packed out show fall dead silent to hear what Megafaun was offering us. Following this song Megafaun pulled some extra friends on stage to play other instruments, including a harmonica.

A great show.  This was my first time seeing a full Megafaun show.  Can’t wait to do it again!