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Holiday happiness from WKNC (We mean giveaways, of course!)

Here at WKNC we’re all about the joy of giving, and in that spirit, we present you with this week’s giveaways.

12/14: Sister Hazel with Matthew Mayfield and Union County at Lincoln Theatre

12/16: Trekky Records presents “Christmas at the Cradle” featuring The Old Ceremony, Filthybird, The Tender Fruit, and more!  All at Cat’s Cradle.  And we have tickets for electronica group Conspirator at Lincoln Theatre.

12/17: Larry Keel and Natural Bridge at Casbah in Durham

12/18: Cherry Bounce Vaudeville Show at Kings featuring Hank Sinatra, The Floating Children, and Gouge Wrestling. We also have tickets for KO Kid with King Mez and more at Cat’s Cradle and Tonk at Casbah in Durham.