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Elly May and Ones Discuss Album Disappointments of 2010

Recently I sat down with my good pal DJ Elly May to go over what we thought were some of the biggest let-downs of 2010. This is not to say that either of us hated any of the albums that we listed (although in some cases that was most certainly the case), rather, these are albums that we thought would deliver but sadly did not. Elly May and myself sat behind the mic and discussed in depth what let us down this year, and we have that conversation below. For those of you out there who just want to figure out the set of albums we were underwhelmed with, I have conveniently listed them below in no particular order. Stay tuned to our blog to see what Daytime deejays have thought of as the best albums of 2010 in the next weeks.

Disappointment 2010

DJ Elly May

1. Kate NashMy Best Friend is You

2. TunngAnd Then We Saw Land

3. Rogue WavePermalight

4. Broken BellsBroken Bells

5. Dead WeatherSea of Cowards

6. Arcade FireThe Suburbs

DJ Ones

1. Marina and the DiamondsThe Family Jewels

2. The DrumsThe Drums

3. M.I.A///Y/

4. KlaxonsSurfing the Void

5. Band of HorsesInfinite Arms

6. InterpolInterpol