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Local Beer Local Band October 7

Happy October everyone! Finally feels like fall! Hooray!

Grab that scarf and come down to WKNC and Tir Na Nog’s Local Band Local Beer on Thursday, October 7 to see WILD WILD GEESE, WESLEY WOLFE, and SHIT HORSE! All bands are a part of Odessa Records. The show is FREE! Ages 21 and up. Starts at 10 p.m. My favorite delicious October-tasting beer, Big Boss Harvest Time will be on tap. Yum yum!

Check out to see the fall schedule for Local Band Local Beer and to download the free mixtape, which features one song from each band playing this season.

…Wild Wild Geese

“Are You a Baby?, the prelude to Carrboro trio Wild Wild Geese’s forthcoming debut LP, bristles with springy garage rock verve that
seems to fit everywhere and nowhere at once. The Geese play with loose energy and nervy emotion, suggesting The Replacements and Reigning Sound. The screwball guitars feel more like Polvo, though, while the pop undercurrent has as much to do with British punk as American rebellion (or as much Buzzcocks as Stooges). Still, while Wild Wild Geese sound very much culled from all of those bands, it manages to avoid sounding too much like any of them.” – The Independent

…Wesley Wolfe

There’s a reason Chapel Hill, North Carolina is still one of the great American hubs for independent music, and it’s not just indie rock stalwarts Superchunk and the Cat’s Cradle rock club. The reason is because there is a glut of homegrown talent, people like the Kingsbury
Manx or Spider Bags that are churning out vital record after vital record. And go right ahead and add Wesley Wolfe to that list. Storage
is, flat out, one of the finest pop records of the year. Wolfe recorded all the instruments himself, and these are as straight-up as pop songs come. Guitars, bass, drums, vocals, sweet melodies, clever and heartfelt lyrics, and hooks, hooks, hooks. But while the elements are simple, the songs are far from the same. Wolfe can pull off guileless love songs, lover-spurned indie rock, and spaced-out melancholia—and that’s just in the first three songs. His nasal bleat is urgent and sweet at the same time, and when he spits out lines like “sorry only counts the first time”, you know damn well he means it. So you’ve got 11 catchy as hell songs, full of driving guitars and deep hooks, telling earnest tales sung with both feeling and energy—aren’t those the things we expect from pop music? And does it make Storage one of the finest examples of it in 2010. The answer to both questions is a resounding ‘Yes’.

…Shit Horse

“If you’re compelled to wince at Shit Horse on first glance, that’s understandable. The band—three young, white rock musicians from
Carrboro and Danny Mason, a black frontman two decades older than the band’s youngest member—doesn’t do itself many favors: They’re called Shit Horse, of course, and the title of their debut cassette is a riff on the 1969 Jane Fonda film about a dance marathon. They have a theme song—"Shit Horse! Is Gonna Ride!,” ad infinitum—and they prefer to present their songs via guerilla sets late at night on the streets of Orange County…The band ratchets the rhythm until they deliver Mason into a post-punk fistfight, his exasperated voice insisting that he won’t be defeated. So, yeah, maybe Shit Horse is a gimmick with an attitude and a sense of humor for teenagers. But what else did you think rock ‘n’ roll promised?“ – The Independent

The front man of all three bands will join me in the station Thursday night from 7-8 p.m.  We’ll be having a round-table discussion. Tune in if you know what’s good for you!