DJ Highlights Local Music

Local Beat preview 8/21/10


This week’s Local Beat is going to be the first in a while with live music as all three of the bands coming in plan on playing some tunes for us on the air.

Carrboro group Max Indian is kicking things off at 5 p.m. to promote their show at the Local 506 on August 27. Max Indian is playing less and less these days, so I plan on asking them about the group’s recent happenings and chat with them about their upcoming gig during Hopscotch.

Twelve Thousand Armies is the closest band we have in the area that represents a cult following as their music has largely been missed due to lack of promotion and live shows, and I am excited to welcome them on the program at 6p .m. They are also playing the Local 506 on the 27th with Max Indian and The Houston Brothers. It will be their first interview on WKNC—who just twisted the band’s arm to finally get a hold of their album that came out awhile back—and I am sure many of you have been hearing constantly since.

At 7 p.m., Asheville artist Darien will be jumping on board to promote several upcoming shows in our area. Darien is relatively unknown around our region, but that has been quickly changing with her last release, Theorem, which came out on Alive and Well back in March. Darien has a busy couple of weeks in the area that include five shows in the Triangle between now and September 3.

Sample band press kits

As always, the fun starts at 5 p.m. and will last until 8 p.m.! Don’t worry if you miss it as all interviews are put on the WKNC blog following the show. Be sure to follow the Local Beat on Twitter or Facebook and download tons of free local music on our ReverbNation page!