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Local Beat Roundtable: Series 1 preview 8/13/10

Tonight, the Local Beat will be a who’s-who in the local music scene. As you well know, the Local Beat is mostly dedicated to local bands and musicians who are well documented by fantastic bloggers, great deejays, newspaper writers, event organizers, photographers, and more. Tonight, you are going to have a chance to meet some of these dedicated chroniclers of the local scene as I have invited several on for what is the first in a series of the Local Beat’s “Roundtable.”

Throughout the evening, Karen Mann, Betsy Harris, Bryan Reed, Linnie Green, Jake Seaton, and hopefully several more prominent local music raconteurs will be sitting down as we chat about their services to our music scene and relate anecdotes and stories. In addition, they will be choosing the local music we will be playing throughout the show.

Among many things, Karen Mann is one of the most notable bloggers in the region with her personal music blog, Mann’s World, which is a treasure trove of videos, photographs, news stories, album reviews and more.
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Mann’s World

Betsy Harris (aka Temples of Grey) is one of the most recognizable local music photographers in the region.  I swear I see her at every single show I attend.
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Jake Seaton is the mind and body behind who is famous for their live sessions with local bands and for breaking almost every important story about North Carolina music.

Bryan Reed is a writer for Shuffle Magazine, the Independent Weekly, and seemingly countless others.

Linnie Green is the new editor for Diversions of the Daily Tar Heel.