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LBLB Night! July 22nd!

This week we have three awesome acts playing at Tir Na nOg: Jenna Smith, Kid Future and Midtown Dickens! Thursday nights at Tir Na nOg are always partnered with WKNC, is FREE FREE FREE and of course, 21 and up.

Jenna Smith:

This gorgeous singer and songwriter will be playing solo on her acoustic guitar.   This woman will give you goosebumps all over!  Her voice is so beautiful and soothing;  not surprising since she does music therapy.   Get here early to make sure you don’t miss this, otherwise all of your buddies who did show up early will tell you over and over again how awesome it was and you will beat yourself up for being late all night and won’t be able to enjoy the other acts.   Seriously.

Kid Future:

If you missed their act at Slim’s last Thursday (perhaps because you were at LBLB!) then no worries!  Here they are this Thursday for free at the one and only Tir Na nOg.  Chris Parker of Independent Weekly calls their jams, “burbling indie synth pop… reminiscent of ‘80s acts like New Order but more sedate and dreamy.”  YES!

Midtown Dickens:

From Durham, this band delivers folk-y bluegrass.  Try your best to learn all the words.  My favorite thing to do when listening to MD is to sing along.  The song I started with?, “Airplane.”   Writer for the Independent Weekly, Brian Howe, said, “This band’s long let itself f**k up. Now they’ve learned to allow others to f**k up, too. They don’t gloss over failings and disappointments. They let them be and sing them into songs. You can sing them, too.”  See you on Thursday, friends!