Boat Burning

The first hour of the show went to Boat Burning, a self described “hard ambient” improvisational band hailing from Chapel Hill. Ken Friedman and Andras Fekete got to the studio an hour early to begin setting up their equipment.

Below is their “Hard Ambience: A Manifesto” which describes the band’s SOP:

“1) Subvert the past –  past performances should not impose on the present (ie. DON’T RECORD)
2) Subvert the present – during an improvisation, when a successful moment arrives, mark it for destruction (ie. DON’T LINGER)
3) Subvert the future – avoid predefined motifs (ie. DON’T PLAN)
4) Feel it – play from the heart, or don’t play at all (ie. DON’T THINK)
5) Space is the place – silence is a contribution (ie. DON’T NOODLE)
6) Anything goes (ie. NO FEAR)”
They also played two songs for us, which we named “Searching for the Thresher” and “Jagannātha”. Andras even impressed me when he played his guitar with a screwdriver