Concert Preview Local Music

LBLB!!! June 17th!!

Ok folks, one of this week’s bands is my favorite local live act, hands down.

Get ready for Colossus!!

“Colossus oozes talent like a Viking lets blood on a battlefield”- THE INDEPENDENT

Yeah, it really is something like that.  Colossus is the kind of band I wish I could be.  They are FULL of energy and your face will be melted.  Every time I’ve seen them, I practically throw out my neck from rocking out and have the insatiable urge to smash my beer can.  You cannot miss this!


White Tiger and The Bed of Roses hold their own with rockin’ riffs and lyrics.  Face-melting will begin with them.  This will be my first time seeing these guys, but I’ve already heard from multiple show-goer friends of mine that these guys are wicked awesome.

Remember, Tir na nOg and WKNC’s Local Beer Local Band Night is ALWAYS FREE and 21+.  The show starts at 10pm.  There is a stellar selection of delicious local beers on tap (as always) which will be on special.  So grab a Shotgun Betty, or whatever else pleasures your pallet, and get ready to seriously rock out!