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Arcade Fire Finally Releases New Single and New Album Details

The 12’’ single which was previously teased very briefly by Arcade Fire has finally been released to the world. The two songs which are entitled “The Suburbs” and “Month of May” have been highly anticipated, and the unexpected release of these two new tracks already has music press buzzing about the possibilities of the next full length, which is expected sometime later this year. The two tracks have some questioning whether or not the next LP from the band could possibly be a concept album about a dystopian universe.

Since the news has been released, the single has popped up in a Glasgow, Scotland, record store, only with a white label that has basic track info. The picture taken by Chris Ward, the man who found the single in Glasgow is below:

Hear the tracks for yourself:

“Month of May”

[youtube width=“425” height=“25”]

“The Suburbs”

[youtube width=“425” height=“25”]


Since the story broke yesterday afternoon, the band has also announced plans for their upcoming album which will be entitled “The Suburbs.” The album is set to release August 3rd. Will and Win Butler spoke on NPR earlier about the meaning behind their next full length’s title, claiming that is was inspired by their upbringing in Houston.