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Local Beat recap: 5/21/10

This past Friday on the Local Beat Russell Baggett of the recently revived Honored Guests was my honorary guest as we discussed the recent hiatus of the band and their comeback in recent months.  The Honored Guests just recently released a free online EP via Vinyl Records which you can download here.  In addition the band is currently finishing up recording it’s “newest” album, a project that began about 4 years ago, and it should hit the streets in the fall.  Russell and I chatted about all of these things and more, while leaking some of the newest tracks from the upcoming full length.  Take a listen below:
The Honored Guests on the Local Beat 5/21/10

You can catch the Honored Guests June 26th at the Nightlight in Chapel Hill where they will be playing with local group Pros and Cons.