Concert Review

The quest to see The Tallest Man On Earth

And so it began, on a gusty Monday afternoon…

Riff Raff was perusing concert listings for the last week of April and stumbled across an unexpected gem.  Without delay she messaged her beloved co-host, Hot Tamale, and shared the joyous news.  Immediately

Hot Tamale cried out, “Can this be?”

“Yes, Hot Tamale, it is so!” replied Riff Raff.

And so they departed without hesitation or fear, despite the fact that they were headed straight into the dreaded land known as Chapel Hill.  They were on the quest to find The Tallest Man On Earth.

Captivation.  That word singularly sums up the experience of watching The Tallest Man On Earth live.  In  a small auditorium that could house maybe 200 people, the talented musician gave the kind of performance that makes you feel as if you are experiencing something that will never happen again.  Despite the fact that you were surrounded by others, you couldn’t help but feel that he was solely singing to you; it was this connection that allowed Kristian Matsson to silence the whole room with little more than a whisper.

Playing almost his entire first album, Shallow Grave, Matsson wowed the crowd with the popular track, “I Won’t Be Found,” and jealous narrative, “The Gardener.”  You could feel those around you holding their breath, not daring to break the spell that his musical tales cast.  As he fitfully moved about the stage, the audience as a whole moved with him.

With his birdlike mannerisms and sudden bursts of passion, often accompanied by bellowing vocals or even stomping, The Tallest Man On Earth captured the attention of the audience.  It was understood that there was never any chance, or hope, of escape.  Continuing his 90-minute set, he performed favorites off of his newest release, The Wild Hunt, including “King of Spain,” “Burden Of Tomorrow,” and “Love Is All.”

In a recent interview, Kristian Masson shared that one of the current albums he was listening to was Gather, Form & Fly by the local band Megafaun.  He also praised the music of the Avett Brothers and the Bowerbirds – which is fortunate since Phil Moore and Beth Tacular were taking pictures of him from the third row.

In conclusion, if you ever get the chance to have an encounter with the legendary Tallest Man On Earth, prepare yourself for an encounter with something much bigger than the name.