Concert Review

Roman Candle puts on a great show in Carrboro

by Travis Hargett

Since taking over one of the local lunch shows with DJ Megan, Roman Candle has become a weekly favorite. I’m not sure there’s a song on Oh Tall Tree in the Ear that we haven’t played at least once, so when i saw the DJ pass for the show at the Cat’s Cradle last week, I snagged it.

Unfortunately we didn’t make it for either of the openers (The Parson Red Heads and Ravenna Colt), but the Roman Candle set was great. After months of listening to a bands cd it’s always great to hear them live. When we walked in they had just kicked it off with “That’s why modern radio is A-OK”… it’s probably their most popular and it was pretty good live. The next two songs “A heartbeat” and “Sonnet 46” were both backed up with some guys from The Old Ceremony. Other than that, they played through most of Oh Tall Tree in the Ear and it sounded like they played some older stuff I wasn’t too familiar with. Best of all, it was over by 11:40 p.m. – gotta love a weekday show.