Concert Preview

Roman Candle at the Cradle Tonight

It takes a lot for me to leave the comfort zone that is Raleigh – especially on a weeknight. I have a professor from Michigan who advises us against going to Ohio unless we have to (“but why would you have to go to Ohio, anyway?”). Well, Chapel Hill is my Ohio.  Big Ten rivalries aside, I’ve just mentally turned driving over to the 506 or the Nightlight or the Cradle into being a pain in the ass.  Spoiled, I believe, would be the word of choice.


Either way, tonight’s an exception: Roman Candle is rolling back into town to play the Cradle.  My introduction to local music came only a few years ago, after Roman Candle had already packed up and left town.  Friends tell me of when some current Drughorse Collective members were in the band circa Wee Hours Revue, but alas, stories of that era are all I have.

We’re lucky, though, that Roman Candle still relishes its Chapel Hill (errr, Carrboro?) days and makes sure to come back through the area.  In fact, in the past 6 months we’ve had the chance to see them in two somewhat unique settings: NC State’s Homecoming concert on campus and at everyone’s favorite Double Barrel Benefit 7.  And both times, they have been an absolute joy to watch, mixing their older tunes with those off of Oh Tall Tree in the Ear and openly gushing over how good it its to be back in the area.  At the homecoming show, they opened with “They Say” but countered with oldie-but-goodie “Baby’s Got It In the Genes” as the DBB opener.

Tonight they’ll be playing with The Parson Red Heads and The Ravenna Colt, both of whom I’m relatively unfamiliar with but excited to see.  And most importantly, you won’t find a nicer group of people than the Mathenies, who actually graced us with an in-studio interview back in November.

So, long story short, what else are you doing on a Wednesday night? See you there!

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