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Future Kings of Nowhere Live Album for 84¢

I remember about two years ago when Future Kings of Nowhere came out with their self titled debut album.  It struck a chord immediately with the WKNC staff who played it constantly for months and with the public who packed the shows at every turn.  However, it has probably been a long time since you have seen Future Kings of Nowhere in concert, notably due to the fact that Shayne O’Neill has recently moved to Brooklyn to continue his music career and carry on FKoN solo as the project originally began.  Unfortunately, that wait for the next show could be even longer:

Shayne has recently become diagnosed with Stage IV Lymphoma and is about to begin treatment.  With treatment of course comes medical bills, which as anyone in the world knows today, is not easy to overcome especially for a solo musician.  However, FKoN has just released a live solo album for only 84 cents, and all proceeds go to help Shayne’s medical expenses.  It features six songs all recorded live at the Dog Matrix Project.

  1. On Very Nearly Turning Thirty
  2. Let’s Be Pirates
  3. The Doom Song
  4. Like A Staring Contest
  5. Charles Grodin, You’re My Hero
  6. My Turn

The album can be downloaded off of Amie Street here.  Also, you can follow Shayne’s progress through the treatment by following his personal blog here.

Please help support one of the great local musicians from this area in recent memory and listen to some great music!

Edit: The album now costs $1.20 and each track is 20¢.