Concert Review

The Temper Trap puts crowd in a “Sweet Disposition”

This past Thursday, Cat’s Cradle was hosted two international bands, bringing in a large crowd.

The Kissaway Trail, a five-piece band from Denmark, started off the night. They made an effort to involve the crowd, especially in songs such as “SDP,” which is available for free download on Facebook. The band is set to release its album, “Sleep Mountain,” on April 20.

Photos Copyright Graham Bruns 2010

Austrailian band The Temper Trap- followed their set with a musical-like performance. Each song flowed right into the next, including favorites like “Fools,” “Down River,” and of course, “Sweet Disposition.”

The highlight of the performance was “Drum Song.”  The band jammed out and danced around, as did the crowd. Dougie, the vocalist, poured water on a floor tom and whailed out on it. With the changing lights behind him, it created an awesome visual to finish off the song.

The band finished off the night with an encore performance of “Science of Fear,” featured on the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack.