Concert Review

The Road Went On Forever…

…and that party, it still hasn’t ended.

Oh, listeners of Americana Blues & Co – you know how I love me some Robert Earl Keen.  The man was back in town, hitting the Lincoln to play for the usual crowd of drunks, fun-lovers, and good-time aficionados.  In fact, it appears the NCSU student body president Jim Ceresnak is a fan.  I didn’t know he was right behind me until my helpful brother informed me after the show.

But, on to the show!

Sons of Bill opened up and, like last November, showed that they can hold their own.

These are a group of good ol’ boys from Virginia with a sound that pulls together influence from outlaw country with a dose of Gram Parsons.

When REK and his band came on stage, the audience was in for a big surprise.  They played a lineup of lesser-known, lesser-played songs.  The people expecting him to tear through No. 2 Live Dinner looked a little confused and certainly didn’t know the words, but some (like me) were thrilled to hear some favorites that we thought we’d never hear live.  (Mine is “The Raven and the Coyote,” by the by.)

The best part of a Keen show, in my opinion, is just letting go and having fun.  This is a band of seasoned pros who know how to put on an excellent show.  Next time you’re in town, give ‘em a try.  I know I’ll be there.