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EOT24 Sunshine Week 3/22/10

Eye on the Triangle returned this week after a week off for N.C. State’s spring break, but this week’s episode was shorter than usual, giving you a preview of what the EOT team had in store for you in the week ahead. Read below to find out more. This week’s EOT covered the international (elections in Iraq) and the national (Health care) before zeroing in on the N.C. State campus (sports, Student Government elections and the Save Technician effort). Read more below.

Newscaster Evan Garris  gave us the rundown of this week’s news from Obama’s health care plan to a California senator’s arrest. For these stories and more, check out the links below.

Obama aims at health insurance companies
Anti-gay rights California senator leaves gay bar, arrested for drunk driving
Biden visits Gaza
Despite terror against citizens, 62% of Iraqis head to the polls
Soldiers in Nigeria quell sectarian violence

As always, Tyler Everett gave us a breakdown of what happened in N.C. State sports this week.


Correspondent Evan Garris gave his opinion on the passed Health Care Reform bill.

Here are some of the points Evan made in his editorial:
The U.S. is the only industrialized nation in the world that doesn’t provide health care to its citizens.
Roughly 45 million Americans do not have health insurance.
Medical bills cause half of all bankruptcies.  Three-quarters of those filings are from people with health insurance.
The U.S. spends about $2 trillion on health care in a year—more than any other nation in the world.
Cubans have a lower infant mortality rate than Americans, and according to the U.N. Human Development Report, a longer average lifespan.

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The candidates running for positions within Student Government have been campaigning their way toward the Tuesday, April 6 election. Eye on the Triangle is gathering these candidates together for a panel Thursday in the Talley Ballroom. The event will be broadcast live on WKNC and Wolf-TV. Make sure to check back for the full podcast.

If you’ve been checking the local news, whether online, on television or on paper, you may have come across stories detailing the fall of NCSU’s student paper, Technician. The paper, which has lacked an editor-in-chief since February, has suffered from staffing loss, overworked editors and tensions with their adviser, and budget cuts that have escalated over the years. Technician has been the student paper of NCSU since 1920, but has been produced daily since 2001. Former editor-in-chief (now public affairs director for WKNC) Saja Hindi was charged with creating a committee to detail out recommendations to the Student Media Board for the future of the newspaper and its search for an editor. In an effort to solicit feedback from staff members, students and alumni, project  “Save Technician” was formed.

Vice President of the Society for Collegiate Journalists N.C. State chapter May Chung and member Lucia Moser discussed Sunshine Week, a week dedicated to increasing awareness about open records laws, and the activities the NCSU chapter is hosting.

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