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Five fun facts about DJ Ones

As you should know from exploring WKNC’s blog, the station is in the running for the Independent Weekly’s Best of the Triangle once again. This year, the  WKNC staff voted to determine who it considered to be the best DJ, resulting in a nomination for DJ Ones from the Daytime format. What better way to get to know our favorite DJ than to read some fun facts about him each week. While you’re at it, check out DJ Ones’ Five Music Facts of the Week blog.

Five Fun Facts about DJ Ones

1. DJ Ones’ family owns around two dozen chickens.
2. DJ Ones has a fake tooth – unfortunately, it is not gold.
3. DJ Ones has a voice! He had a solo in the fourth grade singing The Nutcracker. When you call in for requests, ask to hear his sweet, sultry voice. It’s worth it.
4. DJ Ones was his high school’s valedictorian.
5. DJ Ones has had the same cell phone since 2005. It would be safe to say that he practically has a 5-year-old child.

Well, there you have it folks! WKNC’s favorite DJ, DJ Ones, is a Renaissance man. Just look at that visionary face.

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