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Local Beat Mini Exclusive: Blag’ard

This morning I had Chapel Hill band Blag’ard come join me for a Local Beat Mini Exclusive to chat about their brand new album Mach II which is being released tonight at the Reservoir in Chapel Hill and at the Dive Bar tomorrow night in Raleigh.  The show tonight will feature a magic and burlesque show with Rosie Hellfire and Reverend Spider with Michael Rank and Marc Smith doing an acoustic opening.  There will also be free vegetarian chili to warm your bones.  The show at the Dive Bar is featuring Asheville art-rock act Solito. Both shows are free.

Blag’ard is a duo and this is their third release and their second LP.  We chatted about the making of the album, which was done mostly analogue, and partially recorded at Track and Field Studios.  It also came up in our conversation that Adam is the third drummer of the band to have a child while being in the band, a topic which is fairly interesting.  In addition Joe chatted about his website Pig Zen Space, a music download Web site with all proceeds going to the artist.

Listen below for more:
Local Beat Mini Exclusive: Blag’ard