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EOT 2/22: preview

In honor of Black History month, this week’s episode is dedicated to the Civil Rights era and the Triangle’s role in the movement. From VIP to Hear This to Wolfpacker of the Week, our segments will be focusing on some aspect of civil rights.

Here is a preview of a couple of our segments, but you definitely want to tune in to today’s show to hear more!

On this weeks’ Hear This, we take a different approach to local music. We’ll look at the cultural significance of Freedom Songs. Correspondent Michael Jones will sit down with Toni Thorpe, program coordinator for the African American Cultural Center on campus, to discuss the importance of this topic, Freedom songs passed down through the generations and what can be considered modern-day Freedom songs.

For our Wolfpacker of the Week, Correspondent Jacob Downey will be talking with accomplished author and N.C. State journalism Professor Dick Reavis about his role in the Civil Rights Movement from his days as a Texas undergrad spending his summers and holidays campaigning for reform in Alabama in the 60s to his life as a pragmatist living and teaching in Raleigh, still allowing himself to hope form race reform today. Tune in Monday evening on Eye on the Triangle to hear how college activism shaped our Wolfpacker of the Week’s perspective for a life time.

That’s as much of a look into today’s episode as we’ll give you for now. Be sure to listen in at 7 p.m. either on the dial at 88.1 or at!