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Eye on the Triangle preview: 2/15/10

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to donate a year or more of your life entirely to a cause? Well, some students who opt for non-traditional routes after graduation, know how it feels first-hand and are ready to share their experiences.

On this week’s Eye on the Triangle, VIP will focus on the experiences of some alumni in service corps organizations like Americorps, Peace Corps, and Teach for America, where they will tell us about the process to get in, their work over the time period they have committed to and more.

On Hear This, we will take a look at Cytunes, a music downloading service created in 2008, which was created by a group of friends and colleagues after the death of their friend Cy Rawls. The service is completely non-profit with 100 percent of proceeds the going to the Tisch Brain Cancer Center, where Cy was treated. The service contains mostly local music with artists from the area contributing their work to the service knowing that they will not return any money for themselves, but instead will be helping a great cause.

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