DJ Highlights

Love is all you need — besides music

I think the Magnetic Fields said it best: music comes from love.  On Monday, February 15 from 5 to 7 p.m., DJs Vice, Justin and I will be hanging out in the studio to bring you a show about music’s greatest muse!  Of the millions and billions of songs inspired by love we have handpicked some of our favorites–songs of tender care and understanding and of bitterness and longing.  We’ll explore such topics as the Indie Pop Infatuation, the Acoustic Heartache and the Malevolent Power-pop Lament.

And yes, we’re going all Delilah on you all (minus the relationship advice) and asking for your requests.  Please comment to this post between now and Monday or give us a call at our studio request lines (860-0881 or 515-2400)!  If you have any shout outs to loved ones we’d love to hear them!