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EOT17 Redefining Hillsborough 1/18/10

New projects seemed to be a common theme in this week’s topics of EOT, from I Was Totally Destroying It’s latest video blogs to new Hillsborough Street businesses to a business initiative a student took on, on her own. Subscribe to the full show podcast if you missed out and/or read below for a synopsis.

Our fabulous newscasters were in the capitol city this week but did a live broadcast by phone for D.C. The stories they covered included the Haiti humanitarian crisis, Ted Kennedy’s seat in Senate, the “Tuition Petition,” the Cary and Morrisville merger and the Golden Globes.

As per usual, Correspondents Derek Medlin and Tyler Everett gave us the sports update. The men’s basketball team picked up a huge win over Duke Wednesday night in the RBC Center, up ending the No. 6 Blue Devils 88-74 in front of the loudest crowd of the season. A good majority over that crowd, mainly comprised of students, celebrated the upset victory with a court-storming session worth watching.

However, that was not the only point of discussion Monday night – the two gave us a little commentary on Athletics Director Lee Fowler’s future with N.C. State. The discussion Tyler and Derek had Monday night, Derek said barely scratched the surface of the issue of Lee Fowler’s tenure at NCSU. There are specifics of this situation, which no one can know for sure, but one thing that does seem to be fairly certain is that rumors about the potential for Fowler’s job as Athletics director to be terminated do exist. They have been circulating for some time now and don’t seem to be going away. More often than not rumors are just that – rumors. But when you hear something like this from as many people as we’ve heard it from, you start to believe that there has to be some basis for them. Tack on the fact that N.C. State named a new chancellor last week, and the writing seems to be on the wall: Fowler might not be the AD much longer. This story will certainly continue to develop during the spring semester and is definitely something that will be touched on again during the sports segment in the future, so make sure to keep checking back. For the episode’s full sports segment.

Hillsborough Street’s construction seems to be a never-ending project for many students and businesses. The construction, which is supposed to change Hillsborough Street from a “place people go through to a place people go to,” as former Hillsborough Street Partnership Chair George Chapman said, had hurt many businesses and created difficult traffic patterns for vehicles and pedestrians. Chapman talked about how the project is an effort to change the street’s image, which is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2011. Listen to what Chapman, students and business owners  (including some new ones!) told Correspondents Matt Moore and Chris Cioffi about the project.

Moore and Luis Zapata also took 950 panoramic photos, turned into video, from a truck, driving from the intersection with Dan Allen Drive on Hillsborough Street to the Bell Tower during the renovations. Check it out! Hillsborough Street


Assistant Daytime Music Director Michael Jones and I sat down with John Booker and Rachel Hirsch from I Was Totally Destroying It to talk about their project of recording video of all their work and sessions leading up to the band’s next album and putting up vlogs.

Correspondent Meredith Faggart talked to the assistant manager and an employee of a newly opened store on Hillsborough Street, Sugar Magnolia. The store, which originated in Ann Arbor Michigan (called Orchid Lane there), sells free-trade, eco-friendly clothing and accessories. The owners and managers go to their cooperatives around the world – from South America to India – and buy the materials themselves from the artisans.


Jacob also sat down with art and design major Charlotte Guice, who started her own university clothing apparel business called Olly Oxen.

Due to some technical difficulties, we were not able to get up the MLK Soundbytes. Apologies! Be sure to check back again next episode for their return – it’s one of my favorite segments!

No show scheduled for 1/25 because of a women’s basketball game broadcast, but we’ll be back in action Feb. 1 at 7 p.m.!

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